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I chose a company instead of a non-profit organization because I firmly believe that the way a campaign is funded has a direct influence on how the issue is perceived by the public. Funding the cause of environment protection via commerce opens up a whole spectrum of alternatives not available to donation-funded organizations.

There is a problem with most fundraising for environment causes. Whether dolphins, rain forests, oil spills, climate change, or anything else: it keeps telling sad stories, showing negative images, and asking for money to solve the problem. This does bring in the money but not the people. On the contrary: “Please take my money, solve the problem, but don’t tell me about it anymore. These things make me feel bad.”

This strategy is failing. While people pay to forget and ignore, the problem gets bigger and bigger. No organization, no matter how good or big it is, can solve it, neither alone nor in cooperation with other organizations. People must get involved.

Pay and care!
To get people involved, we must raise environmental and climate protection to a coolness status. We must sell products and services that not only solve environmental problems but also at the same time make people feel good and change their perception of the issues, leading to a change in behaviour. This way we will achieve two important goals: we will have the critical mass of people we need to make a real difference and the funds to keep spreading the message.

We at Certified Coolness turn environment and climate protection into a great experience. We inspire people and persuade them to act. We help them change their lifestyles to achieve a sustainable energy and resource consumption. We do all this in an intelligent, fun, and life-affirming way.

Cool living on a cool planet!


Certified Coolness: Cool living on a cool planet